Dusty Candland | Wed Jul 31 2019 Retiring the free plan

I recently got a comment asking how the freemium model was working and a few days later another asking why all startups use $29 as a starting price!

Don't any of you startups know there are numbers LESS than 29? - Brisbane, Queensland, AU

I took those as an opportunity to rethink the free pricing on CloudSh.

The initial though was to provide a usable service for free that would help spread links and drive traffic from a small 'powered by' link on the search results.

7 months later...

It hasn't driven traffic or sign ups and no one has upgraded to the next tier. I'm guessing from the comment above that it's too much of a jump and people are willing to pay a smaller amount to help support the service.

Since this is all experimental, it's time to remove the free plan and start charging $9/mo. I've also added a free trial to all the plans so people can make sure it'll work for them.

Existing users on the old free plan can keep it for the foreseeable future. They're also welcome to upgrade!

Thoughts, comments, questions? Let us know!