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Powerful search for your website with a few lines of JavaScript. Works great with static sites!

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How it works

how it works

Easy Setup

Setup a form and a div for the results, drop in the JavaScript below and we’ll do the rest!

<script src=""></script>
  var CshConf = {
    token: "JWT TOKEN",
    formId: ".cloudsh",
    resultsId: "#results",

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Super impressed. Been working on finding a simple (key word simple) search for a static site for some time. Got up and running in 10 minutes.


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Eleventy & ParcelJS Working Together

Here’s the setup I’m using to build a headless e-commerce store. You can read about why a headless e-commerce site for an overview.

I decided on Eleventy and ParcelJS as the static site generator and JavaScript bundler. Let’s get into the setup!

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Headless Shopify Storefront

I’m working on clothing brand e-commerce site. In most cases, just using Shopify or Gumroad would probably be the right choice.

But… I’m a developer, I want to have control over the frontend experience, but not so much the e-commerce backend. Plus I’m also building CloudSh, which provides search for static sites, so I wanted to create it using the JAMstack.

Here’s what I picked and why. Future posts with dive into the how.

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Static Site Problems

When I started looking into the JAMstack trend, it wasn’t called that yet, I had some big questions. I mean static is great, but what about contact forms, comments, and search? I wasn’t worried about content as a developer, but for clients, how would they manage content?

Remember the days when all content was updated through a “Webmaster”, that’s obviously not gonna work now.

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