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Powerful search for your website with a few lines of JavaScript. Works great with static sites!

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How it works

how it works

Easy Setup

Setup a form and a div for the results, drop in the JavaScript below and we’ll do the rest!

<script src=""></script>
  var CshConf = {
    token: "JWT TOKEN",
    formId: ".cloudsh",
    resultsId: "#results",

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Super impressed. Been working on finding a simple (key word simple) search for a static site for some time. Got up and running in 10 minutes.


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Eleventy Collections - Pulling in the products via API

Continuing posts on building a headless e-commerce site with Eleventy and Shopify, it’s time to pull in some data from the Shopify API.

The plan is to use the Shopify API to grab products and collections from Shopify and make them available in Eleventy collections so we can build product & collection pages, add data to sitemap.xml, and our RSS feed.

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Eleventy & ParcelJS Working Together

Here’s the setup I’m using to build a headless e-commerce store. You can read about why a headless e-commerce site for an overview.

I decided on Eleventy and ParcelJS as the static site generator and JavaScript bundler. Let’s get into the setup!

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Headless Shopify Storefront

I’m working on clothing brand e-commerce site. In most cases, just using Shopify or Gumroad would probably be the right choice.

But… I’m a developer, I want to have control over the frontend experience, but not so much the e-commerce backend. Plus I’m also building CloudSh, which provides search for static sites, so I wanted to create it using the JAMstack.

Here’s what I picked and why. Future posts with dive into the how.

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