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Powerful search for your website with a few lines of JavaScript. Works great with static sites!

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How it works

how it works

Easy Setup

Setup a form and a div for the results, drop in the JavaScript below and we’ll do the rest!

<script src=""></script>
  var CshConf = {
    token: "JWT TOKEN",
    formId: ".cloudsh",
    resultsId: "#results",

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Super impressed. Been working on finding a simple (key word simple) search for a static site for some time. Got up and running in 10 minutes.


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Search as you type autocomplete

Today we released support for search as you type suggestions / autocomplete. When a search is being entered we’ll return suggested pages automatically.

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New Site Authorization

We’ve added an addition setup step to help make sure we crawl sites that are actually signed up for CloudSh!

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Retiring the free plan

I recently got a comment asking how the freemium model was working and a few days later another asking why all startups use $29 as a starting price!

Don’t any of you startups know there are numbers LESS than 29? - Brisbane, Queensland, AU

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