Getting Started

CloudSh crawls your site to build the search index. You need to integrate some HTML and include a JavaScript file on you site. That's it!

Site Integration

1. Authorize the crawler

Authorize the crawler with a meta tag inside the head tag. The TOKEN value is the same one used in the JavaScript below. This is only needed on the home page.

The crawler won't index your site without it. This helps reduce abuse of the crawler.

<meta name="csh" content="TOKEN"/>

2. Add a search page

The search pages needs two elements, a div for the results and an input for the search query.

Create a search form.

<form id="cloudsh">
<input id="q" placeholder="search" type="text"></input>

Add a container div for the results.

<div id="results"></div>

Lastly, include the JavaScript Widget on the page

<script src=""></script>
var CshConf = {
token: "JWT TOKEN"

Customize the Widget with custom CSS, Ids, and Options.

Don't want to use the widget? Checkout the API Documentation.